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我只希望朱莉?贝克能离我远点All I ever wanted was for Juli Baker to leave me alone.

故事始于一年级暑假 年的夏天It all began in the summer of , before the start of second grade. 我们到家啦Here we are.


我挺喜欢的What do you guys think?

I like this place.

很赞呢 我的房间是什么颜色?

It's cool.

Uh, what color is my room?

别急嘛Just you wait.

咱们进去瞧瞧 嘿 布莱斯Let's see what's inside.

Hey, come on, buddy Bryce.

过来给我搭把手搬东西Why don't, uh, you and I go help unload the van让姑娘们去整理厨房吧and the womenfolk here can get in the kitchen and start setting up.

好的 老爸Okay, Dad.

于我而言 这意味着我从此步入了For me, it was the beginning of what would be长达五年的不安与逃避生涯more than half a decade of strategic avoidance and social discomfort.

嗨 我是朱莉?贝克 喂喂喂 你干嘛呢?

Hi, I'm Juli Baker.

Hey, hey, what are you doing?


Don't you want some help?

不必了 那里面都是贵重物品No.

There's some valuable things in there.

那我就搬这个吧 不用了How about this one?

No, no, no.

赶紧回家吧 你妈妈没准在找你呢Run home.

Your mother's probably wondering where you are.

没关系 我妈妈知道我在哪 她同意我过来Oh, no, my mom knows where I am.

She said it's fine.

显然这姑娘也太不识趣了It didn't take long to realize this girl could not take a hint.

咱们仨在这儿有点挤吧 不要紧啊It's crowded in here with three people.

I don't mind.

毫无自知之明 我们一起推吧?

Of any kind.

You wanna push this one together?

布莱斯 你妈妈还等着你去帮忙吧?

Bryce, isn't it time for you to go help your mother?

是啊是啊Oh, yeah.

我真是拿她没辙I mean, nothing would stop her.

我终于忍无可忍 这时候诡异的事情却发生了I was about to tell her to get lost when the weirdest thing happened.

我真是难以置信I couldn't believe it.

我居然会牵着陌生女孩的手There I was holding hands with this strange girl.


你好呀How did I get into this mess?

Well, hello.

看来你已经认识我儿子了I see you've met my son我不得不使出岁男生仅有的气概Finally, I did the only manly thing available when you're years old.

然而 还有一大串的麻烦等着我However, my troubles were far from over.

就在我走进叶尔森老师的教室时The minute I walked into Miss Yelson's classroom布莱斯?


You're here.

很显然it was clear:即使在学校 也无法逃脱她的魔掌School would not be a sanctuary.

嘿 布莱斯 你女朋友呢?

Hey, Bryce, where's your girlfriend?

枉我一世英名啊I was branded for life.

嘿 布莱斯 你咋不向她求婚呢?

Hey, Bryce, why don't you ask her to marry you?

布莱斯和朱莉爬上树梢Bryce and Juli sitting in a tree卿卿我我甜如蜜K-l-S-S-l-N-G搬来镇上的第一年简直就是场灾难My first year in town was a disaster.

瞧那小两口呀Look at them.

接下来的三年也不尽如人意And the next three weren't much better.

就这么捱到了六年级 我总算不再坐以待毙But finally, in the sixth grade, I took action.

想到了一个大狠招I hatched the plan.


雪利 等一下Sherry, wait up.

嗨 布莱斯Hi, Bryce.


我向雪利?斯道尔斯展开攻势I asked out Sherry Stalls.




I was wondering if you wanted to go这个招数的绝妙之处在于To full appreciate the brilliance of this plan雪利?斯道尔斯是朱莉的眼中钉you have to understand that Juli hated Sherry Stalls但我始终想不通其中的缘由though I never understood why.

雪利长发飘飘 为人和善Sherry was nice, friendly and she had a lot of hair.

我妈之前一直不让我打耳洞 后来我拼命求她At first, my mother wouldn't let me get my ears pierced, but I begged我原本一心指望 只要和雪利吃吃饭The idea was that Sherry would eat with me散散步 就能让朱莉知难而退maybe we'd walk around together, and hopefully Juli would lose interest.

她还是不允许我岁前打耳洞But I still can't get the hoops till I'm .

太可惜了Oh, that's a shame.

米娜妮也想打耳洞So Melanie wanted to get her ears pierced,但她老妈也不是省油的灯but of course her mother said no.

她就在家大发雷霆 So she threw a fit 把约翰尼?马蒂斯的精选辑给砸了and smashed her Johnny Mathis Greatest Hits album结果就被禁足了and she got grounded,连我的睡衣派对都来不了so now she can't come to my pajama sleepover party.

事情进展相当顺利Things were unfolding quite nicely.


What are you doing for your science project?

直到我所谓的挚友加利特?埃恩德That is, until my supposed best friend, Garrett Einbinder开始打起了雪利的主意took an interest in Sherry himself.

我想展示各种护发素I was thinking of showing how split ends react 如何修复头发分叉with different hair conditioners.

太棒了That's fascinating.

俗话说得好 重色必轻友 加利特这个叛徒Loyalty gave way to desire and Garrett, the turncoat向雪利全盘托出我的计划told Sherry what I was up to.


她自然很是生气She didn't take it well.

至于朱莉Word got back to Juli, 她自然又开始对我故技重施and pretty soon she started up with the goo-goo eyes again.

而且还变本加厉Only this time it was worse.

居然开始嗅我She started sniffing me.

你没听错 她居然用鼻子嗅我That's right, sniffing me.


What was that all about?

我只能期望来年能摆脱魔掌My only consolation was that next year would be different.

但愿升入初中后Junior high, bigger school.

不用再和她同班 Maybe we'd be in different classes 彻底结束我的噩梦and it would finally, finally be over. 见到布莱斯?罗斯基的第一眼 我便怦然心动了The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipped.

他的双眸让我如痴如醉It was those eyes, something in those dazzling eyes.


You wanna push this one together?

那时候他们刚搬到我家隔壁His family had just moved into the neighborhood我过去帮他们搬东西and I'd gone over to help them.

我在车里刚呆了分钟 I'd been in the van all of two minutes 他老爸就让她去帮他妈妈when his dad sent him off to help his mom.

我知道他并不想离开I could see he didn't wanna go.

于是我追上前去 So I chased after him to see 问他能不能先玩一会再进屋if we could play a little before he got trapped inside.

接着他便用力握着我的手The next thing I know, he's holding my hand与我深情凝视and looking right into my eyes.

那一刹那 我的心停止了跳动My heart stopped.


Was this it?


Would this be my first kiss?

没想到他妈妈却出来了 你好呀But then his mother came out.


Well, hello.

他感到无比羞愧 脸都红了And he was so embarrassed, his cheeks turned completely red.

那晚我躺在床上 不停幻想初吻的场景I went to bed that night thinking of the kiss that might have been. 我知道他对我动心了 I mean, it was clear he had feelings for me, 只是怯于表达爱意but he was just too shy to show them.

妈妈说过男孩子都会这样My mother said boys were like that.

我决定帮他克服心中的恐惧 So I decided to help him out.



You're here.

我会竭尽所能帮他彻底释放自我I would give him plenty of opportunity to get over his shyness. 六年级那年 我学着有所收敛By the sixth grade, I'd learned to control myself.

没想到半路却杀出个雪利?斯道尔斯Then Sherry Stalls entered the picture.

雪利?斯道尔斯就是一人尽可夫的长舌妇Sherry Stalls was nothing but a whiny, gossipy, backstabbing flirt.

头发长见识短All hair and no substance.www.fz173.com_怦然心动剧本原文台词。




And there she was和布莱斯十指紧扣 那可是我家布莱斯holding hands with Bryce.

My Bryce.

我的初吻白马王子The one who was walking around with my first kiss.

我决定对她视而不见 依照布莱斯的品性My solution was to ignore her.

I knew a boy of Bryce's caliber总有一天能意识到雪利有多浅薄无知would eventually see through a shallow conniver like Sherry Stalls.

如我所料 他俩一周后便分手了It took all of a week.

They broke up at recess.

她也不看看自己几斤几两She didn't take it well.

自从布莱斯摆脱了朱莉的魔掌 Now that Bryce was out of Sherry's evil clutches, 对我也变得更为友善he started being nicer to me.

嗨 朱莉 嗨 布莱斯Hi, Juli.

Hi, Bryce.

他如此腼腆可人He was so shy and so cute他的发丝间弥漫着西瓜的香氛and his hair, it smelled like watermelon.

我简直如痴如醉I couldn't get enough of it.

整整一年我都沉浸在这迷人的芬芳里I spent the whole year secretly sniffing watermelon期盼着何时能迎来我的初吻and wondering if I was ever going to get my kiss.

升入初一后 生活开始有所改观Seventh grade brought changes, all right.

但最大的变化并非学校But the biggest one didn't happen at school.

而是出现在家中It happened at home.

外公搬来与我们同住My grandfather came to live with us.

妈妈说他是过于思念外婆 才会如此迷惘Mom said he stared like that because he missed Grandma. 但他怎么可能对我推心置腹呢That was not something Grandpa would ever talk about with me. 其实他在我面前总是沉默寡言As a matter of fact, he never talked about much of anything with me. 直到朱莉的名字登上了当地报纸That is, until Juli appeared in the local newspaper.

布莱斯 能和你聊聊吗?


Oh, Bryce.

May I speak with you?


坐吧 孩子Have a seat, son.

跟我说说你的朋友朱莉?贝克吧Tell me about your friend Juli Baker.


She's not exactly my friend.www.fz173.com_怦然心动剧本原文台词。



Why's that?


Why do you wanna know?

朱莉?贝克登上梅菲尔德时报Now, Juli Baker did not wind up in The Mayfield Times可不是因为她天赋异禀for being an eighth-grade Einstein.

而是因为她赖在无花果树上No, she got front-page coverage because she refused 死活不肯下来to climb out of a sycamore tree.

朱莉?贝克和那棵白痴无花果树Juli Baker and that stupid sycamore tree.

她认为那棵树She always thought it was God's gift 是上帝对我们的恩赐to our little corner of the universe.

嘿 布莱斯 过来和我们一起爬树不?

Hey, Bryce.

Wanna come climb the tree with me and my brothers?

不了 谢谢No, thanks.

布莱斯 快上来嘛 很好玩的Bryce.

Come up here.

It's fun.

可以看到全世界呢 我没空You can see everything.

I can't.




My dad needs me to help him fix修东西a thing.

拉倒吧That's all I needed.

我才不要和朱莉?贝克一起爬树呢Climb up a tree with Juli Baker.

我可不想重温二年级的噩梦I'd be dragged right back into the second grade.

布莱斯和朱莉爬上树梢Bryce and Juli sitting in a tree.

我宁可下半辈子吃青豆度日Why don't you just make me eat lima beans for the rest of my life. 还有三个街区就来了It's three blocks away.

只剩两个喽Two blocks.

还有最后一个One block away.

还真把自己当回事 最受不了她这种人了Like that's valuable information.

I hate it when she does that.


真希望校车哪天能罢工I like to think there's at least a chance the bus won't show.

这棵树在晨曦中显得尤为美丽 你说对么?

I think the tree looks particularly beautiful in this light.

Don't you?

如果你所谓的美丽是指奇丑无比 If by "beautiful" you mean "unbelievably ugly," 那我绝对赞成then, yes, I would agree.

你眼神不太好吧 我真同情你You're just visually challenged.

I feel sorry for you.


"Visually challenged"?


"Visually challenged"?

她家不也是街坊邻里的笑柄么 This from the girl who lived in a house 居然敢这么说我?

that was the joke of the neighborhood?

灌木爬满了窗台 门前杂草丛生They had bushes growing over windows and weeds all over the place. 我老爸为此很是不爽It bugged my dad bigtime.

哟 快瞧瞧Oh, there he is.

砌墙工当自己是大画家呢 The bricklayer who thinks he's a painter.

嫌那破车不够寒碜 That truck's not ugly enough in real life?


He's gotta make a painting of it?

人家的风景画可是集市上的抢手货No, he does landscapes.

Sells them at the county fair.

大家都夸赞他呢People say they're beautiful.



Let me tell you something.

他要是能把院子拾掇拾掇The world would have more beauty in it这个世界一定会更加美好if he'd do a little landscaping on that piece of crap he calls a yard.

我真同情他老婆 嫁了这么个幻想家I feel bad for his wife.

She married a dreamer.

梦想与现实间的冲突 总得有一个人来承受Because of that, one of the two of them will always be unhappy.


我只希望朱莉?贝克能离我远点All I ever wanted was for Juli Baker to leave me alone.

故事始于一年级暑假 年的夏天It all began in the summer of , before the start of second grade.

于我而言 这意味着我从此步入了For me, it was the beginning of what would be长达五年的不安与逃避生涯more than half a decade of strategic avoidance and social discomfort.

显然这姑娘也太不识趣了It didn't take long to realize this girl could not take a hint.

咱们仨在这儿有点挤吧 不要紧啊It's crowded in here with three people.

I don't mind.

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