—No,you_______.Tomorrow is OK.


26._______Jack was a little disappointed,he still went on with his work.

A.AlthoughB.Because C.SinceD.If

27.It’s difficult to imagine______ it is like in that village after the earthquake.


28.—I’ve got the job as a director at Radio Beijing.

—_________! That’s good news!

A.GoaheadB.Come on C.CheersD.Congratulations

29.It is said that the project connecting mainland and Hong Kong________ soon.

A.is completedB.has completedC.will complete D.will be completed

30.You’d better not make a decision without thinking it over, ______you may regret it later.




Nine-year-oldLouis Pasteur rushed into the little house,with his face white.

“Mother!” he cried,“A mad dog has 31 my friend Henry,and now they are burning him with redhot irons(烙铁).It’s terrible!”

“Rabies(狂犬病),Louis.Burning the bites is the only 32 of stopping Henry from catching the disease.” thought,“I must do something to help people like Henry.”

way for curing rabies. been badly bitten by a mad dog arrived at his lab.A few days after Pasteur’s treatment,the boy got Pasteur Institute in Paris.Today it is one of the world’s most famous centers for the research.

31.A.knocked B.pulledC.kickedD.bitten



34.A.forgot B.refusedC.continuedD.remembered

35.A.French B.LawC.HistoryD.Science

36.A.From B.BeforeC.DuringD.Until

37.A.when B.thoughC.if D.as

38.A.hardly B.finallyC.evenD.again

39.A.easier B.harderC.betterD.worse

40.A.build B.closeC.buyD.repair




41.If you want to learn Latin dance,you’re expected to_____________.

A.join them as early as possible B.have classes in the morning

C.book your place at any time D.attend classes on weekends

42.How much will you at least pay for living in that room half a year in Notice B?

A.£250.B.£500. C.£1,000. D.£1,500.

43.Which of the following about the cat isn’t mentioned in Notice C?

A.Size. B.Colour.C.Hobby. D.Missing place.


Friday,June 6th,happens to be National Donut (甜甜圈)Day.Since the only way to celebrate this important holiday is by eating the sweet rings,you really have no choice but to eat up a few or even more than ten!

And while it may sound like a special celebration dreamt up by donut factories to increase

sales,the idea of the holiday can be followed all the way back to World War One.In 1917,when women volunteers were sent to look after injured US soldiers,they noticed how homesick the men were.To try to cheer them up,the women decided to make donuts for the soldiers.Not surprisingly,the treats worked well!

In 1938,when the“Great Depression”(大萧条) happened to the country,volunteers from

Chicago spent a day selling fresh donuts.However this time around it was not just to cheer up

American people,but also to raise money for the charity(慈善).The event was such a success that it is now celebrated every year by the whole country,on the first Friday of June.What’s even better is that this year,Dunkin Donuts is giving away free donuts with drink,making it the first World Donut Day! Many stores take part in this fun tradition,so be sure to check if you are ready to give out free treats! If you’re among the few persons that don’t like the taste of donuts,you can celebrate by selling donuts to your friends and family and giving money to charity like volunteers.It is after all thanks to them,that we have this fun tradition.

44.People celebrate National Donut Day by_______ .

A.eating more donuts B.relaxing a whole day

C.giving each other rings D.making donuts themselves

45.Who created the holiday?

A.Donut factories.B.Donut stores.

C.Homesick soldiers.D.Women volunteers.

46.If you don’t like donuts,on the Day you could________ .

A.give away free donuts B.sell donuts for charity

C.raise money to help friends D.volunteer to check the preparations

47.Which part of a magazine can this text come from?




英 语






2.每小题选出答案后,用铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如需改动,用 橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案标号。不能答在试卷上。

第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)




1.What are the speakers going to do?

A.Go shopping. B.Take a flight. C.Dine out.

C.Lend her his ear.

C.See a movie. 2.What will the man do for the woman? A.Look after her son. B.Give her a ride. 3.What are the speakers going to do? A.Watch Animal World. B.Go to the zoo.

4.What do we know about Jack?

A.He was seriously sick.

B.He will take an exam soon.

C.He didn‟t work hard enough.

5.Who plays the best in the football team?

A.Jack. B.John. C.David.




6.What time is it now?

A.11:00 am. B.11:30 am.

7.Where does the conversation take place?

A.On a train. B.At a ticket office. C.In a restaurant. C.12:00 noon.


8.What is the weather like?

A.Hot. B.Warm. C.Cool.

9.What does the woman want to drink?

A.Soda water. B.Apple juice.


10.Why does the man want to take a book?

A.To kill time.

B.To give it to his friend.

C.To get some ideas on travel.

11.Where will the speakers go first?

A.Australia. B.Indonesia. C.America.

12.How will the speakers go to Australia?

A.By air. B.By sea.


13.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A.Customer and waiter.

B.Employer and employee.

C.Interviewer and applicant.

14.What does the woman think of tile man‟s work?

A.Just so-so. B.Awful. C.Satisfactory.

C.Beer. C.By train.

15.Why should the man clear the plates as soon as possible?

A.To let people have some space.

B.To give people space for dessert.

C.To welcome the following customers.

16.What should the man do while walking around?

A.Smile at customers.

B.Take away empty glasses.

C.Fill the water glasses quietly.


17.Why does the speaker give the talk?

A.To encourage people to exercise.

B.To introduce some fun activities.

C.To advertise a gym.

18.What is the speaker's opinion on our modern life?

A.It is interesting.

A.5 to 10 minutes.

A.Tiring. B.It is dangerous. C.It is unhealthy. 19.How long should we exercise every day in the beginning? B.10 to 15 minutes. C.15 to 20 minutes. B.Enjoyable. C.Inconvenient. 20.What does the speaker think of exercising with other people?





Two European Summer Must ‘Seas’

When you think of summer,the beach,clear water,sunny skies,and relaxing days are a few things that come to mind,and two of the best places to experience these summer feels are two gorgeous European bodies of water:the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea! These two incredible Seas hold some of my favorite travel memories.and I would revisit each one in a heart beat!

The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea can be accessed from various European countries as well as a few North African countries.And while many think of visiting Ibiza,Malta,or the Greek islands

to experience the Mediterranean,my Mediterranean beach days came while visiting the seaside city of Marseille in the South of France! Marseille was a lovely city with easy access to the Sea,also with pretty sandy beaches.The gorgeous crystal clear blue water made it unlike any beach day in America! Not only were the beaches amazing,but the city of Marseille was adorable and filled with numerous cute shops and seaside restaurants.And the Mediterranean-style food was delicious!

The Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is equally as stunning and surely worth a visit! The Croatian coast has numerous beach clubs,some private and some public,that tourists are able to visit and you can experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea there! Zrce Novalja,a Croatian seaside town I visited,was impressively featured by the rather rocky beach in place of sand.The rocks were small and smooth,making swimming in the sea and wading in the water just as easy as sandy beaches! Plus the locals in Croatia are also extremely friendly,making the experience even more memorable.

21.The writer‟s trip to the two seas was full of__________.

A.unbearable hardships

C.wonderful experiences


B.various adventures D.funny events B.Malta. 22.From which place did the writer get to the Mediterranean Sea? C.The Greek islands. A.Its beach clubs. C.Its rocky beach. D.Marseille. B.Its beautiful sea. D.Its friendly locals. 23.What makes Zrce Novalja so special?


Helsinki is offering young people the chance to rent a cheap apartment in an old people‟s home,if they agree to spend time socialising with the elderly residents.

The city council is seeking applications from renters under the age of 25 who will commit to spending between three and five hours each week with their older neighbours,at a care home in the eastern Laajasalo district.In exchange,they‟ll get a studio flat measuring 23 square meters with a private kitchen,bathroom and balcony for 250 euros per month.

Currently only three flats are available.but the scheme is part of a wider effort to deal with a lack of accommodation for young people in the capital.Ordinarily a studio costs about 600 euros a month,depending on the area,one local university advises.

Those who apply don‟t need any specific care experience.“There are staff to look after the elderly.”project manager Miki Mielonen tells Yle.“We are looking for young people who maybe have a different perspective on everyday life,who will bring variety and recreation to the elderly residents.”

More than 60 people have applied for the spaces in less than a week,and the idea has also been widely recognized by Finns on social media.“Great project,hopefully it will spread to other areas,”writes one person on Facebook,while another applauds the scheme for bringing different generations together.

But some wish it was open to more people,with one user saying:“It's a shame the flats are so small.It would have been nice if the elderly had a small family with children or a single parent as their neighbour.”And one person has a different opinion about the cut-off age,writing:”

24.One can probably get the cheap apartment if he___________.

A.reaches the age of 25 B.has financial problems

D.agrees to share it C.promises to accompany the elderly

25.Why is the new rent scheme accepted?

A.It can benefit both young and old. B.It doesn‟t need any professional training.

C.The flats are well-equipped.

A.He doesn‟t want to grow up.

B.He has a chance to apply again.

C.He disapproves of the age limit.

D.He applies for the flat without hesitation.

27.What would be the best title of the text?

A.Young Finns offered cheap flats at care home

B.New apartments designed for the elderly

C.A new approach to caring for the old

D.A good chance for the needy families D.Big apartments are in short supply. 26.What does the underlined sentence suggest?


What did you eat for lunch today? Did you choose this dish because it was healthy,cheap or because it was just very tasty? Are you a particular eater or an adventurous diner?

I love exploring trends in food.„Fusion cuisine‟is not for everybody.My Italian grandmother would turn her nose up in disgust at the thought of tandoori pizza with mango

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