Pain is the crutch of life, it makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker.

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  苦难磨炼一些人,也毁灭另一些人。Some hardships, but also the destruction of others.下面是范文网在线www.01hn.com小编整理的Pain is the crutch of life, it makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker.,供大家参考!

  Pain is the crutch of life, it makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker.

  B I left home for New Zealand to start my new life on my 15th birthday. My father and mother took me to Hong Kong, where we had to say goodbye. When we were saying goodbye, I suddenly felt afraid that I had never had before. This was the first time I had traveled so far by myself. And going to a far-away place I have never been before made me feel terrible. I held back my tears until I could no longer see my parents. As I was wiping awaymy tears, I realizedthat, from that moment on, I would have to do everything by myself. After my arrival in Wellington, my teacher, Ms. Lang, showed me around my new school. A few days later, I started having classes. There were only 20 students in each class. Only maths, science, social studiesand English were compulsory, and students could choose other subjects for themselves, I chose music, Japanese and health. In New Zealand, students are very active in class. And teachers are not as serious. They often let us play games in class. We can sit with anyone we like, and the teacher can sit at her own desk or at a student’s desk. The school had an easy manner, with few rules. Because there was no homework, we could join clubsor do anything we liked. I always went to the library after school, where I found a lot of books to help with my studies. Studying in New Zealand is very different from studying in China. In New Zealand, students depend onthe library to gain knowledge instead of waiting for what teachers ask them to do. Time went fast. The two months after I arrived flew by. Then a week of exams began. I did not have to take these exams, because I had only been at the school for a short time. However, my maths teacher encouragedme to take the maths exam, as she thought I could do well. Though there wasn’t much pressureon me, I worked very hard to get ready for the exam because I know that no pain means no gain. When the day of the exam came, I found that I finished the paper faster than the other students. One week later, my teacher told the whole class who had got the top mark: It was me! I got 94 percent. All my classmates were very happy and said congratulations to me. It was one of the happiest days of my life. 59. The word “Wellington in the fourth paragraph(段)is the name of . A. the writer’s new teacher B. the writer’s new school C. a city in New Zealand D. a person we don’t know 60. When she was wiping away her tears, the writer realized that . A. she had already arrived in New Zealand. B. she could no longer see her parents in Hong Kong. C. she had to say goodbye to her parents. D. she would start a new life in New Zealand all by herself. 61. The word “compulsory in the sixth paragraph means in Chinese. A. 必修的 B. 选修的 C. 义务的 D. 有责任的 62. The writer always went to the library because . A. the teacher asked her to do so B. she wanted to gain knowledge with the help of many books C. she had no homework and had nothing to do D. she must get ready for the exams 63. The writer didn’t have to take the exams, . A. so she didn’t work hard to get ready for them B. but she thought she could do well and took the maths exam C. but she took the maths exam and did best of all in it D. so she found she finished the paper faster than the others 【显示精简】



  (Michael and Kangkang meet at the schoolgate.)

  A: Hello, Kangkang.

  B: Hi, Michael.

  A: I called you just before I left home,but you were not in. 1.__________________________

  B: Oh, sorry. I’ve been to the library.

  A: What did you go there for?

  B: 2__________________________________________________________

  A: Well, 3_____________________________________________________

  B: It’s about 1.3 billion, one fifth of theworld’s.

  A: Has the government done anything tocontrol the huge population yet?

  B: Yes. 4_________________________________________________andit has worked well in controlling the population growth for many years.

  A: Really? However, the population problemis still serious in China, isn’t it?

  B: Yes, it is. Oh! 5_________________________________________Let’s go to the classroom.

  Hurry. Let’s go.

  A. A. What’s the population ofChina?

  B. B. Where have you been?

  C. C.What’s wrong?

  D. D. The government has carries outthe one-child policy.

  E. E. There goes the bell.

  F. F. I went there to look up some informationabout China’s population.

  G. G.I borrowed some story books.

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