【一】:英语演讲稿 communication is wonderful

communication is wonderful

Hello, everybody! It is my great honor to be here to share my idea with you. First, I’d like to ask all of you, “What do you think is the word that has really changed our world ? ”After my serious thinking, I draw a conclusion that it is the communication that has changed the world. The world is a world of communication. Wherever and whenever we are, we communicate more or less everyday. And it has not only changed the animal world, but also changed human society.

In animal world, communication happens anytime and anywhere and, also, in different ways. For example, ants use their feelers to tell the mates whether the place ahead is worth travelling. Bees take the advantage of their dancing to show exactly what they have found and where the food is. Perhaps most surprising, even your pet dogs could wag their tails to express how happy they are. Thanks to communication, animals are able to move without being lost , could find their food and survive in their world .

Besides the great influence in animal world, communication also has changed human world and has pushed forward human civilization. We could trace back to the ancient time when our ancestor invented

characters for communication . And than , language came . At that time, people could exchange their thoughts both by writing and speaking. In modern times , computer comes to our lives and communication takes place more conveniently and frequently. It is communication that makes people never feel lonely. It is by communication that we share significant information . And it is because of communication that people from different countries or in different races could be close friends and word peace Become Possible. If it not for communication, we couldn’t imagine what world we human beings live in .

Ladies and gentlemen! because of the communication, the world of animal changes. The world of our human beings changes. Where there

is communication, there is change. Without communication, we can never live until now; Without communication, the world won’t be

developed; Without communication, I even have no chance to stand here to communicate with you and to emphasize the importance of it. Ladies and gentlemen! It is time we communicated, and it is high time for us to say “thank you” to communication!

【二】:communication is wonderful


Communication is important for everyday life. You will need it in order to get a job and buy the things you need. You will also need it to establish new relationships and to resolve conflicts, be they between friends, family members, or romantic partners.

There are three reasons why we all need to communicate.

First of all, communication is so important that lack of its presence or absence could affect our physical health. Lack of social relationships jeopardize coronary health which more dangerous than cigarette smoking or high blood pressure.Plenty of researches shows that social isolates are 2 to 3 times more likely to die prematurely than those with strong social ties. The type of relationship doesn’t seem to matter , such asmarriage, friendship, religious and community ties all seem to encourage longevity.

Secondly, interacting withothers enable us to survive that is the only way,from which comes our sense , to identity we learn who we are. We gain an idea of who we are from the way others define us, or their responses to our behaviors.

Last but not least ,it’s also our social needs. As you look through these social motives for communication, imagine how empty your life would be if these needs weren’t satisfied. Then notice that it would be impossible to meet them without communicating with others. Just think about how wonderful it is.

【三】:Communication is wonderful

Communication is wonderful

Good afternoon dear teachers and students (everybody)! My name is Liu Zixi,from English major.It’s my great honor to be here to

share my idea with you. First, I’d like toask all of you, “What do you think is the word that has really changed our world ? ”After my serious thinking, I draw a conclusion that it’s the communication that has changed the world. The world is a world of communication. Wherever and whenever we are, we communicate more or less everyday.

Communication plays an important role in interpersonal communication.Firstly,Communication brings us more happiness.Nowadays,we are so busy for ourselve's work ,but communicating with family members is important.Because they give us love and care.Therefore,we must show our love too.communication with them is one of the best ways.In this way our home will be warmer and warmer and we will feel happiness.Communication brings us more knowledge.In our study life, When we encounter some difficulties that we can’t solve At that moment we need to know how to communicateand cooperate with others, in the process of communication, learn from each other, so that we can make progress together.Communication can help us improve our working abilities.In the work, we also need team

cooperation need to communicate, for example, I has worked in student union as a vice chairman for a year, in the working process of this year we continue to communicate with teachers and partners so that lots of our assignments can complete excellently.Communication brings us more friends.Whether it is the first time to know or familiar with each other, as long as the intention to communicate sincerely treat others will receive a sincere friendship. Therefore, it is very important to communicate with others, it can make you gain a better friendship, let you know that you are not alone.

Also in this society, communication between countries in the world is also necessary.When there is a territorial dispute between countries, economic and trade issues, the first thought should be communication, rather than violence to solve the problems, the world needs is peace but not war.Therefore, all the world needs equal communication and friendly relations .

So(In a word) I want to say because of the communication, all of the world changes.Without communication, we can never live until now; Without communication, the world won’t bedeveloped; Without communication, I even have no chance to stand here to communicate with you and to emphasize the importance of it.so communication is wonderful.

Ladies and gentlemen! It is time we communicated, and it is high time for us to say “thank you” to communication!

Thank’s for your listening .That’s all, thank you very much!


Communication makes me happy

Communication is very normal and natural. From our born to death, for everyday,for everywhere,we communicate with others. Whatever we are introverted or extrovertion, we are eager to communicating with people. Communication makes me happy, because I could find myself during the communication.

When I was young, I lived far from other children. I often stayed home, watching TV ,while other children are playing together. I felt lonely that time. One day, I heard some noise out of my house. When I opened the door, I was surprised. Some children,now they are my best friends,stood there,smiled. Then, I became one of them. We shared little thing with each other, do some simple communication. It made me know I was not alone. Those children could give me accompany.So did I. That communicate makes me know I can give others accompany.So that I’m happy.

Before university,I didn’t like talking.I just liked staying at my small circle, finishing my own work.That life was calm but lonely. I decided to change after the first day I came here.So that I joined many clubs, organizations,did many works and learned a lot.Communication plays a very important role.It makes different ideas gathered, fused and develop,then makes me have a better idea.What’s more, communication makes organizational work easier to finish,some order correctly be executed.When I do those works with good communication, I find I can achieve my idea better.At the same time,I find I can undertake more responsibility than before. So I feel happy now.www.fz173.com_以communication,is,wonderful,的英语演讲稿三分钟。

Everyone needs communication. Everyone communicate every day and everywhere. Communication changes me a lot and makes me happy.





  dear students, our way of life is always sunny, blue skies, which in the end the most dazzling ray of sunlight? it was said to be excellent academic performance, it was said to be given to help others ... ... and i think that our way of life of the most brilliant sunshine should be reported to belong to the temple map, help us to grow thanks to everyone. yes, the institute of thanksgiving is a feeling, the institute of thanksgiving, but also a character. as teachers and our students, the most important gratitude is a school. schools to give us a big growth stage of life: bright and spacious classrooms, new desks and chairs, air-conditioned and well-being, as well as multi-media facilities, has provided us with an attractive learning environment. read one book bright and clean rooms, provides us with knowledge of the marine tour; flat beautiful big playground, provided us with a good place for the exercise, and pottery room, computer room, dance room, multi-purpose hall, and so on, no school is not out of devotion to our selfless love! however, in these beautiful places, often with some notes of discord. read books in one room, some students read the book, abandonment, i do not know the original release, there is more tear, using the phenomenon of the book; when the red and green and white artificial big playground to open it selfless embrace, and some of the scenes of discord hurt our eyes: a wide range of confetti, colorfu

  l tang zhi, and scattered in all corners of the shell seeds, chewing gum, etc. the list goes on of these!

  students, please put your hand on his chest ask ourselves: "i do a thanksgiving school?(01hn.com)

  students, let us now work together, with their good health habits to school thanksgiving, thanksgiving, so that the flowers on campus and open more beautiful.


  hello! ladies and gentlemen, it is so nice to meet you !i am gladthat you can spend this precious time having this class in thisafternoon.

  now please allow me to introduce myself to you .my name is wangjia and imajored in traffic engineering .baoji is my hometown it is verybeautiful. and the people are very friendly.

  as we all knowen thingking is easy acting is difficult and to putone's thoughts into actions is the most difficult thing in the world.

  so if we want to learn english well ,we must practice reading englisheveryday ,acturally practicing repeatly is the best way to succeed.whenyou speak ,don't care how poorly or how well you speak just care aboutcatching the chance to speak ,enjoy losing face or just forget your facebecause the more you speak the better your english will become,neverafraid ofmaking mistakes because the more mistakes you make the more progress you will make.as a man living in the world ,we must try our best to makeeach day our masterpiece and don't let our parents down ,don't ever letour country down ,most importantly don't let ourself down.

  yesterday is a memory tommorrow is a dream so live for todayjust do it right now.i believe if you can dream it you can make it ,ifyou do you will win if you don't you won't.believe in youself trustyouself try your best. don't give up ,never give in, never lose hope ,never say impossible .the success is coming ! thank you !


  My dearest family and friends,

  It is difficult to express my gratitude and love to you all. I want to say so much, but I can hardly find the words. So I’ll just say that you are the greatest blessing in my life. This evening is the expression of your love to me, I realize this, but also it is the event when I see all of you gathered in the same place.

  Thank you! Thank you for being with me all that difficult time. Your support and understanding gave me the strength to continue fighting. Without you I would give up. But then you would come or call and I would remember why I am so in love with this wonderful life-because of you. You are my world, and I am sincerely grateful to God for giving me such loving family and caring friends. Your support was crucial for me this year, when I achieved much due to your help.

  Love and gratitude-this is what I feel standing now in front of you. Love and gratitude-these are the best emotions one can imagine. I am happy to love you and to be grateful to you. I know that you love me too. I would like to assure you that my goal in life is to become as wonderful as you think I am. As far as this goal attainment requires much effort, skills and time, I hope that you’ll help me in it, as always, I deeply appreciate your support. Thank you for being with me.

  Thank you very much!


  change the world? change ourselves

  good evening, honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen.

  it’s my great pleasure to stand here to present my speech—change the world, change ourselves.

  it’s noticable that western holidays are becoming increasingly popular day by day, while chinese traditional festivals are being somewhat neglected. not long before about 10 doctors in beijing university and qinghua unversity announced that we should reject the invasion of western holidays ,because they regard western holidays as an challenge against our traditional festivals and culture.

  frankly speaking, i don’t quite agree with them.indeed, we should never neglect or even discard our traditonal festivals as china boasts a brilliant history and splendid traditions. (examples).but why can’t we absorb the meaningful western holidays and culture.

  there are obvious reasons why some western holidays are so popular in china. on the one hand, some of the western holidays which we chinese don’t have are reasonable and meaningful, such as father’s day and april fool’s day etc. on the other hand,the prevalence of globalization enables western culture to prevail in china. overwhelmed by such a trend,chinese unconsiciously get involved in western holidays and culture.

  with the further development of the whole world, the cultural communication between different countries and nations becom#from 本文来自高考资源网faster and more and more important. we are indeed from different nations, but we are the citizens of the same world, so the outstanding culture of different nations is the commom wealth of everyone on the earth.the only way for us to protect our traditional culture is to reject the foreign culture? the answer is definitely no. what we ought to do is to spare no effort to educate chinese to get to know and treasure our splendid traditions instead of rejecting foreign culture. only by educating can we set our confidence and belief towards our culture. only by educating can we preserve and promote the wealth that our ancesters left for us.

  at last i’d like to share a famouse saying of gandhi with all of you ,that is:if you want to change the world, then you must change yourself first.”


  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, honorable judges and distinguished guest! This is Alex time! Ha-ha…My topic today is to show our gratitude to people around you.

  Then what is gratitude? At the moment a well-known song comes into my mind. Yes, that is called Heart of feel grateful. My heart is filled up with gratitude because I’m with you/Your make me courageous to be myself from cradle to the grave/So now I wanna thank for destiny/I’ll cherish the flower when it blooms until falls. The poetic lyric tells us that gratitude is actually a state of mind.

  Once upon a time, the Pilgrims took the May Flower Ship to North America. They started a new life there although a lot of difficulties and hardships they encountered. After a long-time work, they got a big harvest. The Pilgrims had a feast in 1621 near Plymouth, Massachusetts, which is often referred to as the first Thanksgiving. People show their sincere gratitude towards the God, the nature, the earth, the river, the Indians and themselves.

  How can we express our gratitude? It’s never a simple question to answer. Gratitude is a rare jewel, not a piece of cake, I know. But how can we expect such big events happening now and then? How can we be ready to say thank you ahead of time? How can we always hope to be grateful to everything and everyone for their dignity and generosity? Sometimes I may ask to myself. Is it moral? Is it honest? Is it beneficial? Is it necessary? Or the most interesting one, is it ridiculous? Ha-ha…So in my opinion, we’d better concentrate on our life’s details.

  At last, what’s the significance of showing our gratitude? A proverb says that Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. Wow! Until now I am not that kind of giant, but I dare to say that everyone, you and me, has the right and the duty to show our gratitude to the world, no matter rich or poor, happy or sad, young or old. Only by doing so can we achieve our human ultimate concern. Meanwhile it obviously helps to build up a harmonious society.

  All in all, a world full of gratitude is preciously expected for thousands of years. Why not show our gratitude to people around you?

  Thank you very much!


  Thanksgiving is learning to be the fulcrum, the heart of Thanksgiving is a good feeling, the world is all things to all people expressed their gratitude, remember, Thanksgiving is a fine tradition of our nation, is a person of integrity at least moral character.

  Thanksgiving is the key to return. Return is the feeding, training, instruction, guidance, help, support and ambulance themselves. Grateful, and through its own 10 times, 100 times the pay, and repay them with practical action.

  Then, as a middle school student, how Thanksgiving?

  First Thanksgiving their parents, because everyone's life is a continuation of the parents of one blood, all of the parents gave us love, let us enjoy the human world of affection and happiness, therefore, we would like to thank the parents.www.fz173.com_以communication,is,wonderful,的英语演讲稿三分钟。

  For the survival of nature is the basis of all things, human life is inseparable from its 1:15 activities, we have the basic necessities of human nature, and so on are obtained from the Therefore, we should be thankful nature.

  Teachers are our growth, are our friends, teachers respect, understand and care for us, their words and deeds, let us benefit for life, we pay for teachers efforts and sweat, we should Thanksgiving teachers.

  Students study the lives of our fellow students to encourage each other, help each other, to jointly overcome difficulties and setbacks, the common taste of success and happiness learning, we should be grateful for every day and we accompanied the students.

  The school provides us with a good study environment, our training establishments and room to grow and develop, we should be thankful schools.

  The motherland is our roots, our source. No homeland, we did not have the habitat of no motherland, we will be no human dignity; no homeland, we have not all! We should be thankful.








  Learn How to Say No

  We've all been taught that we should help people. It is the right thing to do and will make us popular with others. It may even win us favors in return. However, we must be realistic. We can't say yes to every request. If we did, we would fail or go crazy for sure. Sometimes we simply don't have the time to help. In this case, we must know how to say no politely.

  When we need to say no, here is one method we can try. First, we should tell the truth. If we really can't do something, we should just say so. Second, we should remember to refuse requests politely. We must communicate clearly, but must also be sincere and sympathetic. A true friend will understand. Finally, we must not feel guilty about saying no. Sometimes refusing others is the right thing to do. It can save ourselves, and them, a lot of trouble. In short, we cannot please everyone all the time. Refusing favors is a part of life.






  Everybody good afternoon:.

  First of all thank the teacher gave me a story in my own future ideal job.

  Everyone has a dream job. My dream is to become a boss, own a company.

  In order to achieve my dreams, I need to find a good job, to accumulate some experience and wealth, it is the necessary things

  Of course, in the school good achievement and rich knowledge is also very important. Good achievement and rich experience can let me work to make the right choice, have more opportunities and achievements.

  At the same time, communication is very important, because it determines whether my company has a good future development. So I need to exercise their communicative ability. I need to use all of the free time to learn all. Because I believe, there is nothing in the world can shake my determination.

  You will be successful, as your own efforts. So seize the time, we have no time to waste.

  Nothing in the world can change their patience ( confidence ).






  同时,交际能力也是非常重要的,因为这决定着自己公司未来是否拥有一个好的发展。所以自己需要锻炼自己的交际能力。自己需要利用一切的空闲时间来学习一切。 因为我相信,世界上没有什么能动摇我的决心。






  Good evening ,Ladies and Gentlemen:

  晚上好,女士们,先生们:( 书村网 )

  Thank you very much for choosing to come in such a cold night.Today my topic is about choice and process.A research shows that a man has to make 73 choices one day.With so many choices one day, people easily get so confused and afraid of making wrong choice that they hesitate and finally miss the true part of life. In my opinion, the following part is of much more importance than the choice. There is no absolute right or wrong choice but wonderful or boring life, which the process makes the difference.


  Life is a box of chocolate,you never know what you will get. Forrest Gump made no decision by and for himself but he accomplished great success with his strong will in the process. The process is not the road itself but the attitudes and feelings ,the caution, courage and persistance we have as we encounter new experience and unexpected obstacles. Take myself as an example, I changed my major when I became a postgraduate. After the choice,days have been harsh for me.I cannot understand the new lessons at all. For they are closely related to mathmatics which I learned nothing about before. However wuth the belief that this is the great chance for me to experience new ideas and challenge myself,I persisted. I asked for help from every channel and reorgonized my life. Gradually I could understand some parts and even found maths interesting.Moreover, I learned to act instead of complaining. In retrospect,the choice left no trace in my mind but the happiness and bitterness of the past four months becomes an unforgetable experience in my life.


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