二. 21. There is, Lucy’s 22. that speaking 23. doesn’t, any

24. with

25. does, look 26. have, time 27. Which girl 28. will visit

29. with 30. What’s

三.31. second 32. to get 33. waiting 34. don’t know, to do 35. is, lying

36. bookshelves 37. to leave 38. to be

四.39. capital 40. above 41. between 42. twentieth

43. dream

44. shower 45. cupboard 46. own 47. million 五.48. shares, with 49. sounds great 50. third 51. call, back

52. would, like, palace 53. wants, next to, hotel 54. climb, ladder, get into 六.CBCCD CACAD 七.ABAAC


一、1. change 2. tastes 3. tired 4. hungry 5. exercise 6. seldom

7. healthy / healthier 8. vegetables 9. important 10. energy 二、

1. dancing 2. to cook 13. to be, playing 14. to see 15. feeds 16. bringing 17. to read 18. isn’t 19. healthy 20. is running


四、51. Eating, isn’t good for 52. on the Internet 53. sweet snacks any more

54. Good luck with 55. less than 五、EAFDB



一.1. western 2. sunny 3. pollution 4. minutes’ 5. less

6. good 7. golden 8. hungry 9. ninth 10. paintings


三.32. videos 33. kitchen 34. pollution 35.

souvenirs 36. western

37. .second 38. wooden 39. tidy 40. hospital 41. underground 四.ACAAC BDACA 五.CBBCA ABDCB 作文范文

My hometown is Danyang. It’s very beautiful and it’s in the east of Jiangsu province. It takes 15 minutes for me to walk to my school. There is not much pollution here because there are not many factories. I hope you can visit here. I will show you around

my hometown and my school.



1.quickly 2.friendly 3.surprised 4.across 5.robbers 6.knives 7.Whose 8.turning 9.wooden 10.Suddenly 11will visit 12.are starting ,Shall cook 13.coming, will begin 14.talking 15.to carry 16.caught 17.take 18.playing 二、根据句意及首字母提示完成下列单词:

19-23 1.through 2. Shall 3. past 4. across 5. traffic 三、选择题:

24-28 D A D B D ,29-33 C C C D C ,34-38 B D D A B 四、句型转换:

39.won’t join 40. Take turning right 41.Don’t climb 42.What is do


43.how to 44.turn right 45.out of 46.Walk straight on until 六、完型填空:

47-51 C A D D A , 52-57 A B C C B 七、阅读理解:

57-61 D A A C C 八、书面表达:(略)


一. 吴老师给七年级一班的同学出了些单项选择题,你也来做做看好吗?(15`)

1-5 BCDAA 6-10 ABCCD 11-15 DCBCC

二 Millie和Amy正在谈话,你能帮助他们完成对话吗?(5`) 1-5 BCDEA

IV. Millie正在读一本旧书,这一页有几个字看不清,你能帮她选出来吗?(10`)

1-10 D A B B D D A B C D

三 阅读理解。(10`)

A. Mr. Wu正在让七年级一班的学生阅读一篇关于鸵鸟的文章,你也来试试吧! 1-5 C D A B B

B. 七年级一班的学生正在进行阅读比赛,你也来试试看吧! 1. When it open its tail.

2. In the forests of southern Yunnan Province. 3. use, to make

4. 它绕着它的女友跳舞,好象是说 5. D

四 词汇(20`)

A. Millie正在做家庭作业她有几个单词不会写,你来帮助她一吧! 1. amazing 2. lightning 3. elephants 4. frightened 5. himself

B. Mille不知道该用什么形式的词来填空,你来帮他一把吧! 1. without 2. unusual 3. took 4. careful 5. to do

6. its 7. surprised 8. children’s 9. funny 10. lovely 五.改写和改错。(15`)

1. have no 2. Is there anything 3. return, to 4. How interesting the

5. is fond of 6. took me, to play 7. belongs to 8. take good care of

9. When do 10. dislikes


一、 用所给词的适当形式填空:

1. ourselves 2. twelfth 3. careless 4. friendly 5. robbers 二、 选择题: B C A B A B C A C B C D B D C 三、 动词填空: 1. sing 2. are climbing 3. won’t come 4.

lives 5. to run , caught 6. will find 7. to finish , working 8. to kill

四、 完成句子: 1. What fine 2. Shall go 3. long,does,

take , to do 4. having a good time 6. the way to , 五、 完形填空: B A A C C C D D B B 六、 阅读理解: D B B A C A D A D C 七、 书面表达:(略)




1.pouring 2.able 3.collecting 4.visitors 5.award 6.organizing 7.result



9.dangerous,safety 10.himself 二.

11.thoughtful 12.matches 13.danger 14.careless 15.helpful

16.friendly 17.our 18.better 19.hearing 20.differences 三.

21.clean up the park 22.put out the fire 23.plant trees 24.be careful with fire 25.rush into the kitchen 26. be in hospital

27.row a boat 28.try our best 29.go skiing 30.no problem 四.

31-35 DCBDC 36-40 CCCCB 41-45 CCACB 46-50 BDCCB 五.

51.5-year-old;lost his way 52.does;hear from

53.hurt;fire 54.belongs to 55.Maybe; will visit 56.was able to 57.by himself 58.Finally; used; to open

59.is good at 60.It’s necessary 61.to save 62.will go 63.finish 64.hurt 65.plan 66.rowing 67.to ride

68.cry 69.looks 70.Is, going to watch 七.

71.What; weather; How /What going 72.It’s; to organize;class activity well 73.on fire; helping; out of 74.tell;to keep away from danger 75.couldn’t; because; forgot to bring 76.use;more often 77.try; best; better results



D B C B A A A B B A A C B B B A C A C C A C C 二.根据首字母、汉字填入适当的词。

Carrots, chasing, weighs, frighten, wings, clean, exercise, tricks, anywhere, pull


mice, feeds, Bring, noisy, barks, paws, to learn, twice, fun, slowly, brushes, care, carefully, interested, frightened, hunter,

weighed, us, called, speaker 四.用合适的介词或副词填空。

at, to for, about about, like, of, to, in, of, about 五.改错,下列各句中均有一处错误,找出并订正。 63. C happily 64. D too much 65. B be late 66. D playing 67. D an 68. A noisy 69. B is playing with 70. C eats 71. C needn’t 72. C interested 六.句子改写。

That dog likes chasing cats. Take good care of your pet. Listen to your teacher.

How often should you clean the fish tank? The two bags look the same. 七.句子翻译。

78. Most of the, stay at, by myself 79. is ringing the doorbell 80. to leep healthy, make sure, do exercise 81. am interested in watching 82. are, friend, shouldn’t be afraid / frightened of


一.单项选择 15%

D A B A B D B C C D A B A B B 二.完形填空 10% A C A D C C B C B A 三.阅读理解 10% B D A B B

四.根据首字母或中文提示完成句子 10% 1. pour 2. collecting 3. memory 4. dangerous 5. wide 6. necessary 7. built, buildings 8. abilities 9. saved 10. geography

五.根据中文完成句子 40% 1. forward to hearing from


2. five-year-old, lost his money, cried 3. to recommend, for, Award 4. leave, on

5. help each other, learn from each other 6. What a brave, How brave 7. to change, once 8. is, trouble

9. Anything, happened to, that 10. leave, alone, too long

六.书面表达 (根据提示完成作文) 15% 略


一、选择填空 1-15 BD, CDBAB, BABCD 二、情景交际花16-20

DGCEB 三、 完型填空 21-30


四、 阅读理解 31-40 CBCAD,CBCDA 五、词汇 41-50

How much, Are free. am afraid, speak to , have to to bring , take , to go, flying , him 六、短文填词 51 -60

Family, Jean, two, Tom, daughter,

mother’s, parents, brother, sister, mother’s








Jeff is at school. He is 1 the English club. He likes this English 2 . He likes his teacher 3 his new friends in the club. The teacher is friendly. She 4 the students in the club a lot. She answers 5 questions. Jeff asks (问) a 6 question every day. Today he asks 7 teacher a spelling question. He asks her 8 to spell "myself". His teacher tells (告诉) him. Jeff 9 his teacher, and the teacher says, "You’re welcome. You 10 ask me anything anytime. That’s what I’m here for, to help you."

( )1. A. On B. in C. for D. from

( )2. A. friend B. band C. teacher D. club

( )3. A. or B. but C. and D. for

( )4. A. draws B. helps C. shows D. sees

( )5. A. everyone’s B. someone’s C. my teacher’s D. her teacher’s

( )6. A. scary B. big C. new D. favorite

( )7. A. her B. his C. its D. their

( )8. A. when B. where C. what D. how

( )9. A. knows B. calls C. thanks D. finds

( )10. A. can B. need C. can’t D. needn’t


Yao Ming is a basketball player. He is from Shanghai, China. His father and mother are also basketball players. He himself is a Chinese professional (职业的) basketball player. Now he plays in the NBA in the USA. He is very tall —about 226 cm.

There is a movie about Yao Ming. Its name is The Year of the Yao. It is about 88 minutes (分钟) long. It is about Yao Ming’s first year in the NBA. Some NBA players talk about (谈论) Yao Ming in the movie. So you can see Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal in it. The movie can help us know more about Yao Ming.

( )1. Yao Ming ’s father is a ______.

A. runner B. musician C. basketball player D. movie star

( )2. We can’t see ______ in the movie.

A. Yao Ming B. Shaquille O’Neal

C. Charles Barkley D. Harrison Ford

( )3. The underlined word "It" refers to (指的是) "______".

A. the movie B. China C. a basketball game D. the USA

( )4. The name of the movie is ______.

A. YaoMing B. A Basketball Player C. NBA D. The Year of the Yao

( )5. What is the passage (文章) mainly about?

A. Yao Ming. B. A basketball club.

C. How to play basketball well. D. Yao Ming’s first year in the NBA.






3、My sister can sing and dance.(改为否定句)

4、He needs some help with his English.(改为否定句)

5、Can you play the trumpet well?(作否定回答)


( )1、Tom likes to play ______ violin in the morning and play ______ volleyball

in the afternoon.

A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D. /; /

( )2、—______ I know your name? —Linda.

A. Need B. Do C. May D. Am

( )3、We need help ______ the music party. Can you help ______ music?

A. to; with B. for; on C. with; for D. for; with

( )4、—Can you ______ Chinese?

—No, but I can ______ Chinese kung fu.

A. speak; speak B. do; speak C. do; do D. speak; do

( )5、My brother can’t sing ______ dance. He doesn’t like music.

A. but B. and C. or D. /


假如你是鲍勃(Bob), 想参加学校的国际象棋俱乐部,请根据自身情况,,给史密斯先生(Mr Smith)写一封50词左右的自我推荐信。

Mr Smith: Hi! Can I help you?

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unit 2



Today is Monday (周一). We have a(n) 1 class in the morning. It 2 at 8:30, but I am late (迟到的) for it. I often 3 school at about 7:50, 4 today I get there late. At about nine o’clock I get to the classroom. I’m really 5 . My English teacher, Miss Green is very kind to me. She 6 me in and doesn’t criticize (批评) me. How nice she is!

All the students 7 my class like Miss Green. I have many subjects at 8 : math, English, P.E., music, 9 and computer, but I like English 10 . I like my English teacher and I like her classes. I’ll never (不再) get to school late. I’ll get up very early (早) in the morning.

( )1. A. math B.art C. music D. English

( )2. A. goes B. starts C. shows D. works

( )3. A. learn about B. look at C. get to D. work in

( )4. A. or B. and C. after D. but

( )5. A. sorry B. exciting C. good D. happy

( )6. A. likes B. meets C. lets D. joins

( )7. A. on B. in C. for D. about

( )8. A. store B. Home C. school D. party

( )9. A. Chinese B. letter C. festival D. action

( )10. A. little B. best C. too D. well


In my family, there are my parents, my grandparents, my brother and I. We are a happy family. My father is a teacher. He works in a school. He gets up early and works very hard every day. Sometimes he helps me with my homework.

His students love him very much because he likes to help them. My mother is a writer. She doesn’t need to go to work but she writes books, cleans (打扫) the house and takes care of (照顾) us. My grandparents are old. They don’t have jobs. They stay at home every day, reading newspapers (读报) and watching TV. They go to bed early. My brother is a student. He is in my school, too. He likes playing basketball, tennis and ping-pong. I like to play soccer, ping-pong and computer games. After school, we get home early. We do our homework, play sports and help our parents in the evening.

( )1. There are ______ people in the family.

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