【篇一】:初中英语作文-一次公益活动A Volunteer Labour

初中英语作文:一次公益活动A Volunteer Labour

On April 28th, my classmates and I went to the park near my school where we took part in a volunteer labor.

We got there at nine o'clock. After divided into three groups, we began to work.

Each group had their own tasks. Group one planted trees and watered flowers. Group Two picked up litter left by tourists and cleaned the benches. My group wiped all the equipment in Children's Playground. Each of us worked hard.

At about half past eleven, we finished working. Though we were tired,we were happy. It was a meaningful day for us because we had done a good deed. 五一前夕4月28日,我和我的同学去学校附近的公园参加了一次公益劳动。 我们九点钟到公园。分成三个小组后,我们就开始干了起来。每个小组有各自的任务:一组种树、浇花;二组捡拾游人丢弃的果皮纸屑;我们组擦拭了儿童游乐场所有的设施。大家干得都很起劲。


Last Saturday--April 28th, my classmates and I went to the park near my school. Can you guess what we did there?Not for amusement but to take part in a volunteer labour.

We reached the park at nine o'clock. The whole class was divided into three groups. I was in Group Three.

Each group had different tasks. Group One planted trees and watered flowers. Group Two was told to pick up litter left by the tourists and cleaned all the benches. The group that I was in wiped all the equipment in the Children's Playground. All of us worked hard.

Before noon we finished working. Each of us felt a little bit tired, but we were happy because we had done a good deed.






2014年6月份第20届世界杯足球赛(the 20th FIFA World Cup)将在巴西举行。你的笔友Mike Green 想成为这次世界杯的志愿者。请你替他写一份申请。

要求:1. 80词左右 2. 注意书信的格式 3. 语言流畅, 书写规范

Dear Sir or Madam,

It’s my great honor to introduce myself to all of you. And I will make the full preparation to become a volunteer of the 20th FIFA World Cup.

To begin with, I’m Mike, a 14-year-old boy, who is studying in Class One, Grade Eight of xx middle school, which is one of the most famous high school in Beijing. Kind hearted and open-minded, I’m the kind of boy who is always ready to offer a warm hand to those in need. Besides, what I an fond of most in my spare time is playing football with my friends. I have learned a lot from this game, like the cooperation between teammates and

sportsmanship. What’s more, in order to be an qualified volunteer , I realize that I have to speak English fluently. Therefore, I’ve made up my mind to improve my English by spending an hour everyday practicing speaking and listening.

All in all, I am sure it won’t take a long time to become a volunteer full of confidence and enthusiasm . I am eager to join you, I will try my best to serve the athletes.

Yours, Mike



1.杨浦:I want to volunteer in/ at …. I want to volunteer in the Olympic Games

I want to be a volunteer of the Olympic Games. I must study English very hard. And to be a volunteer of the Olympic Games is good for me, too. I can make some friends from different countries. I can learn more about sports, the Olympics and so on. But the first thing to prepare (准备) for this is to study hard. I am confident (有信心的) I will be a good volunteer and I will show the world Chinese people so friendly to the foreigners.

I want to volunteer in Protecting the environment

In our daily life there are many kinds of volunteers. As we all know, the problem about

environment is getting more and more important. So I want to be a volunteer so that I can do some thing to protect the world.

First of all, I must do well. Saving water and electricity is not only what I need do, but also the thing I always tell others. Don't waste any resources around us.

Then, I need to go out to call for more attention to the environment on holiday or at weekends. My own effort is not enough, but if every one makes a contribution to protect the environment, our world will become better and better!

To be a volunteer is not only my dream, but also my career in the whole life!

2.静安区:Online shopping is changing the way of our life.


Nowadays with the ever rapid development and increasing technology ,shopping on the internet has been a fashion especially among the youngsters(年轻人).



First, it is convenient for people to search what they really want, and the mail boy will bring it to us wherever you are.

Second, people could easily find less expensive goods by comparing with the others.

Third, the salers can pay less rent though the virtual stage so that the consumers can pay less than shopping in a real mall.

Online shopping has made our daily life more convenient and comfortable. For example , shopping on the internet can save students a great deal of time on the way between home and store,


First, it is not that easy for consumers to distinguish the fake and the real without looking at real things.

Second, sometimes people would be cheated online without wariness(警惕).

Third, the bank account can not be certainly safe when you are not using your own computer. Fourth, it takes a long time to receive your goods when shopping on holidays such as Christmas

Day or on Spring Fesitival you can't shopping online because nobody will work on that break time.

Ending Shopping online will be much more popular in the near future. And at the same time we should take some measures (采取措施)to make it perfect.

3.黄浦区:Growing up

Growing up

Growing up is not always easy. I didn’t realize it until I learnt to ride a bike.

On my seventh birthday, my parents gave me a new bike as a present. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to ride it. But my father told me that I must learn to ride it by myself. At first, I was a little afraid. I fell down from the bike again and again. I almost gave up. Then my father said to me “You will meet many difficulties in your life, you must face them bravely and try to solve them yourself.” After hearing that , I stood up and tried again and again. To my great joy, I could ride it!

From it, I learnt that growing up means courage and a spirit of independence.

4. 奉贤区:A letter to my headmaster/ headmistress

A letter to my headmaster/ headmistress

Dear headmistress,

I’m writing to you about my four years’ school life .Of course, there are both success and failure in my school life. But I enjoy all the time here because it can bring me a lot of things such as happiness, knowledge and other things I need.

I’ll never forget the Charity Sales on March 5 which I think it’s the most unforgettable activity during our school life. Every class made a wonderful post for the sales. There are varieties of second-hand goods on sale. You can buy the things you need in very low price. Everybody felt excited in the activity. It’s not only the way of helping others but also a good way of increasing our real life experiences.

By the way, I expect our school lunch services will be improved.

Best wishes!


5. 浦东:I don’t want to lose…..

I don’t want to lose fresh air

These days, when I walk out of my home, I can only see the terrible grey haze all over the city. The sky is no longer blue and clear so I miss the fresh air badly. Fresh air can be healthy for humans to breathe. In my opinion, fresh air can also change our mood. I am usually in a good mood when the air is fresh. On the other hand, haze and smog not only do harm to our health but also have terrible influence on our mood. If there were no fresh air, we would die. To conclude, I don’t want to lose fresh air

I don’t want to lose health

As we all know, health is the most important thing in our life. However, students are too busy with their studies to pay attention to their health. We should care for our health. On one hand, a

healthy body can keep us from illness. In this way, we can have more time to study and play than people who easily catch a cold. On the other hand, we can live longer if we are healthy. In conclusion, health is so precious that I don’t want to lose it.

I don’t want to lose my parents

My parents are the most important people in the world. They take care of me all the time. They offer me delicious food, they teach me to be a kind people. They comfort me when I’m sad. They cheer me when I lost my hope. They’ve done so much for me. As I have grown up, they become old. I don’t want to lose my parents , so I must do something to repay their love. I should be independent so that they needn’t worry about me any longer. I can help them with the housework and chat with them in our spare time. In a word, our parents are worth loving and caring. I don’t want to lose recreation/ spare time

After we entered Grade Nine, we have little time for recreation. But I think some kinds of recreation is essential for us. We can do something helpful in our spare time, such us reading, sports, singing , Especially when we feel upset or irritable, it is a good way to comfort us or make us relax. There is a lot of truth in the old saying, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Proper recreation can also make us keep energetic and active so that we can do well in our study.

6. 普陀区:The thing I’d like to do most after the entrance examination

The thing I’d like to do most after the entrance examination

The thing I’d like to do most after the entrance examination is to join the reading club. Since I was a little girl, reading has been my favourite hobby. But under the pressure of entrance examination, preparing the test takes me so much time that I can’t read freely very often. As we all know, reading is to our brain what exercise is to our body. By reading books, I can not only see a more wonderful world but improve my reading skills which can lay a solid foundation for my further education as well. Reading really makes me feel relaxed and I am looking forward to that exciting moment.

The thing I’d like to do most after the entrance examination

The thing I’d like to do most after the entrance examination is traveling . After a long time of hard work, the main reason why I travel is to relax myself. When I return from the travel, I will feel fresh and energetic, ready to work harder in the senior high school . Travelling is also one of the best means for learning. We can learn a lot of culture and customs in different cities. I will visit Beijing first because there are many ancient buildings of Qing Dynasty .I am quite interested in the history of this period.

The thing I’d like to do most after the entrance examination

The thing I’d like to do most after the entrance examination is to watch the matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Since football is my favorite sport , I won’t miss every World Cup

which takes place every four years. Teams from all over the world compete in the famous World Cup. my favorite team is Brazil, and my favorite football star is Messi。 The competition is so exciting that millions of people are crazy for it .Some people feel that their national football team represents their country's honor. i wish one day china can hold a world cup,then our chinese can watch the matches without going abroad.


At present, only a few students read after class. Here are several reasons: First, some students are so busy that the don’t have time to do reading due to teachers leaving them too much homework. Second, some students are not likely to read at all. Because they spend too much time in watching TV, searching the Internet and playing games.

books are the main resource of knowledge. Books also can take us to where we can’t really go, can help us experience the things we can’t really see. In addition, when you feel upset or irritable, reading is a good way to comfort yourself or make you calm down. I suggest that no matter how busy you are, you should spend some time in reading. Once you stick to it, you’ll get benefits.



(一) 例文审题

上周日,你所在的志愿者小组参加了社区的志愿者活动。请你描述你们所有的志愿者 活动,并谈谈你对志愿者活动的认识。

人称:我们---第一人称 时态:一般过去时,一般现在时, 内容:社会活动,体会,

(二)头脑风暴1. activities: 2. places : 3. experience:


1 上周末我们参加了志愿者工作。

2 我们去了当地医院看望了生病的孩子们。

3 我们打扫了社区。

4 我们拜访了老人之家

5 我们唱歌使老人高兴。

6 我们进行演讲鼓励更多的人参加志愿者活动。

7 志愿者工作是伟大的。

8 它对我们而言是一个很好的经历。

9 它发展了我们的爱好;提高了我们的能力。






Last Sunday, our volunteer group took part in the volunteer work in our neighborhood. We helped clean up the yard. What’s more , we went to a local hospital to visit the sick kids. We also sang songs for some lonely old people to make them happy. Last but not the least (Finally), we gave a speech to children in order to ask children to join us. We all thought we put our time to good use.

In my opinion , being a volunteer is great. It’s a good experience for us. Not only it can develop our interests(hobbies), but also improve our ability and social skills.

Nowadays, people around us need our help and we need some help, too. Let’s be a volunteer today! The society will be full of love and more and more wonderful if everyone can do it。

Not only can we give love to the others, but also we can make the living place better。 We didn’t have a rest until we finished cleaning the park.


In my opinion, volunteer work is so great because of its wonderful influence on people. The society will be full of love and more and more wonderful if everyone can do it.

Others’ lives may be more wonderful because of our effort。

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